plumbing service

We offer 24-hour service for any of our customer's emergency needs. Our mechanics specialize in essential services such as:
- Basement floods
- Leak repairs
- Fixture replacement
- New fixture installation
- RPZ Testing

water heaters

With over 25 years of experience installing water heaters, Austin Plumbing knows how to work with all the water heaters you will find in NYC. You name it, we have fixed!We provide our customers a full range of repair services ranging from small leaks to full replacements.

sewer service

Sewer backing up? We can fix that!
Austin is here to take on any:
- Sewer backup
- Sewer repair or replacement
- Sewer unclogging
- Snaking
- Septic troubleshooting

Natural Gas

When working with gas, safety is always our number one concern! That is why all gas work at Austin Plumbing is handled by the business owner Michael Rispoli, NYC Master Plumber with over 25 years of experience. Michael offers expertise in:
- Emergency repairs
- Gas piping
- Gas tests
- Gas inspections
- ConEd
-National Grid


A boiler is an important piece of any home or property and at Austin Plumbing we believe in saving our clients money. We specialize in high efficiency boiler conversion well providing a full range of boiler maintenance such as:
- Boiler inspections
- Boiler repairs
- Commercial boiler services
- Industrial boiler services
- Residential boiler services


In New York City, building violations can cost a fortune and without an expert, those costs can pile up by the day. To work with the NYC DOB, you need an expert in your corner. If you have any DOB Plumbing Violation, call Michael today to get an advocate in your corner.

Our work

A Look at what we do best.


An NYC Master Plumber for 25 years, with far more time on the job, Michael is a true expert in the industry. The Rispoli family has been in New York City for over 50 years providing top quality service to all their clients. Call Austin Plumbing today to speak with the owner himself and learn why working with a true master of their craft pays for itself every time!



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